Some of my favs.

Take your time, look around, and check out some of my favorite wellness products I use, and recommend to clients, family and friends.

Ninja Smart Screen Blender DUO with FreshVac Technology


I use this blender for smoothies almost everyday, absolutely LOVE! The vacuum technology allows me to make #fuel4 smoothies that will last in my fridge 2-3 days. 


Daily Synbiotic


The best prebiotic+ probiotic supplement I have found- I loved it so much I decided to partner with them. So many benefits to your gastrointestinal function, dermatological health, cardiovascular health and more! Seed allows you to start a monthly subscription so you will never forget to take it. They are eco-friendly in all their packaging and their website is loaded with facts. 

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Banza® Chickpea Pasta Rotini Pasta


Everyone loves pasta- but we know it can be high in refined carbohydrates. I found a great option you can use that is loaded with protein and fiber!

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Tummy Fiber Acacia


Acacia senegal is a natural (not synthetic) whole food 100% soluble fiber with a clinically proven prebiotic effect. Studies have shown that soluble fiber, as part of the diet, helps regulate bowel motility (alleviating both diarrhea and constipation), and relieves abdominal pain from IBS.

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Barlean’s Fresh Organic Flax Oil


This healthy omega-3 fat promotes weight loss, calms inner lining of inflamed gut and increases satiety. I use this fat source for smoothies! 

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This saturated fat contains healthy medium chain triglycerides that can boost brain function and decreases hunger.

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Reusable Food Storage Bags, Nomeca Extra Thick BPA-FREE


With our beautiful mother Earth in mind- I try to make small changes in my everyday life to minimize waste and promote eco-friendly materials. These bags do just that! 

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Ned 750mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil


Despite the common misconception, it does not get you high. What it will do, however, is help regulate homeostasis in nearly every biological system in your body, helping bring balance to body and mind. 

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Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps


Coffee is so energizing because it stimulates the central nervous system and adrenal glands. Combining this with the more balanced cellular energy support of cordyceps mushroom can result in balanced stimulation while using only half of the amount of caffeine normally found in coffee!

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